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eVo Associates is dedicated to addressing the needs of mid-sized organizations experiencing rapid growth or intending a major shift in the value of the business (growth, IPO, sale, liquidation). The breadth of our clients, in terms of industry, size and geography, demonstrates the kind of experience eVo brings to any assignment.

eVo has worked with start-ups, rapid growth companies, and multi-nationals. A few of case studies are included here. For more about eVo’s various other assignments, please contact us.

U.S. Retail Brokerage

]Situation:  Three prior attempts over four years to integrate an acquisition had failed, at the cost of millions of dollars.

Results:  Within the first month, worked with management of both organizations to align operations on the final structure of the integrated company, while establishing a reporting and oversight process to assure short-cycle decision-making.  Successful implementation took place within six months.

Aerospace Peripheral Equipment Manufacturer

Situation: Determine to expand or divest subsidiary based on current and future valuation, including product, processes, management and organization.

Results: Analyzed market opportunities, including structure, trends, competitors and potential; interviewed in confidence key managers regarding current strategic, product, market and operational issues; presented detailed review to corporate management and investment banking personnel; facilitated decision to invest in business growth through new operating structure and expanded products.

Logistics and Operating Systems

Multinational consumer products company

Objective: Determine why client’s distribution organization was not competitive; perception of high costs and low productivity relative to competition.


  1. Identified major reasons for customer dissatisfaction with the current sales and distribution system.
  2. Identified key differences between client’s sales and distribution system and competitors’, including staffing, operating systems and assets.
  3. Identified key leverage points of sales and distribution (i.e. changes that would impact the market/reduce costs) through research and financial modeling.


  • Developed a strategy to focus different sales techniques and methodologies in different customer segments. 
  • Reorganized the sales and distribution systems and organization to eliminate

    redundancies and inefficiencies.

Global Operations Emergency Response

Global financial institution with five regions and representation in 130 countries

Objective: Design and implement a global emergency response program to address any year 2000
issues as they arise.

1. Design global response program, including

  • Customer preparedness
  • Country by country response
  • Technology specific response
  • Cross divisional response
  • Communications leading up to and during Y2K event

2. Build buy-in with each of six independent divisions

  • Key management representatives concept review
  • Division by division workshops, including experiential worksessions using realtime responses to failure scenarios
  • Global workshop to test real-time response to failure scenarios

3. Implement management oversight to assure preparedness

  • Select and train response teams
  • Establish regular reporting processes

All predictions made in September 1999 regarding the likelihood of global technical and
other problems were realized

  • No significant problems (i.e., impacting performance) occur as a result of corporate controlled infrastructure (systems, applications, networks). Problems are qualified as within normal parameters based on seasonal adjustments over the past three years
  • Few, if any, significant customer problems (i.e., impacting the brand) occur. Customers and processors qualify transition as “what was anticipated” in >95% of post-transition comments
  • Customers and processors are well informed of operational status and voice satisfaction with the frequency and quality of communications (>95% of Member post-transition comments are positive in nature)

Management Team Development

Major regional public sector provider of services to the disabled

Objective: Develop the management team in order to achieve New York State’s Empire State
Advantage Gold Award (based on the criteria for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality

1. Design and implement management and employee programs that included

  • Strategic review and re-creation
  • Organization structure matching desired strategy and operating plans
  • Performance planning and metrics-based, regular work reviews
  • Organization Development facilitation skills
  • “Breakthorugh performance” team development for all 500+ employees

2. Regular reviews over 18 month period both at management and first line levels


  • Receipt of the Gold Award in Albany in front of two busloads of employees

Product Delivery

Global technology infrastructure manufacturer

Objective: In preparation for IPO, guarantee continued 85% control of current market worldwide,
by assuring regular deliveries of $2M laser mask machines on time and to specifications
(few had ever been delivered on-time in 15 years of successful operation).

1. Implement metrics and performance management within executive team and their direct

  • Appropriate metrics for each level of the organization, measuring a select few key indicators for performance within defined accountabilities
  • Establish reporting system to identify and resolve issues within two week turnaround time under normal conditions

2. Identify and resolve manufacturing and subcontracting project management issues

  • Assess process flow for both subcontractors and line
  • Meet with first line teams to identify issues and solutions
  • First line teams test their solutions and implement


  • Market share increased to >75%, RONCE >20%, with an 18 month technology lead over competitors
  • IPO at $10 reached $52 within six months

Organization Strategy

US-based footwear manufacturer with broad distribution and retail holdings

Objective: Rethink structure and strategy in light of chapter 11 filing.

1. Completed interviews with all division heads and key players down the organization.
2. Assessed market and competitive environment.
3. Facilitated strategy and organization worksession with top 22 managers.
4. Implemented and monitored performance management processes to guarantee speedy
recovery of market position.


  • Company returned to profitability within six months and exceeded all Wall Street expectations for performance on an ongoing basis.
  • Entry into new markets and repositioning in existing markets made company premier provider in a number of market segments.
  • All 22 managers received bonus and options each at least one million dollars within 18 months of intervention.

New Business Telecom Spinoff

Regionally diverse Baby Bell

Objective: Support management team in implementing strategy to enter the long distance business from concept, structure, and infrastructure to market entry – in less than six months.

1. Work with new management team to

  • Define the strategy and plan for the organization
  • Establish oversight for shifting, growing organization
  • Assimilate 75-125 new employees per month
  • Qualify for entry into six selected markets in the Midwest
  • Measure success on a weekly basis

2. Establish teamwork amongst individual first line teams and across entire business

  • Build characteristics of high performance teams into all levels of management
  • Support appropriate metrics at each level of the organization


  • Organization grew to 540 employees in six months
    • Each individual was assimilated into the vision of the company and the expectations of their team, their division and the entire organization
    • Metrics were established for all employees and teams
  • All market and organizational objectives were realized
    • Performance and communications were established and allowed the Baby Bell parent organization to keep weekly track of results

High Tech Construction Project Management

Multinational partnership of technology construction company and design firm

Objective: Assist senior management team re-capture six weeks of $2.1B fabricating plant buildout
and deliver four production lines on time (build was 6 weeks behind schedule).

1. Interview management of each of five organizations responsible for the build

  • Assess individual and group concerns, both of the project and the various players

2. Work with senior management team and each organization together to

  • Agree on the issues
  • Experience solving the organizational and operational concerns
  • Develop a plan for re-capturing the six weeks

3. Implement project management techniques to support action plan

  • Establish metrics-based meeting structure across all organizations
  • Facilitate early meetings to assure process and communications


  • Re-organization brought all disparate groups into chain of command and accountability process
    • – Five major organizations (three on client side and two on vendor’s) with 147 subcontractors
  • All six weeks were recaptured and all four lines qualified first time out (saving an estimated $600M for the bottom line)


Global beverage company

Objective: Realign the organization of a beverage company to deliver significantly higher value to
its customers.

1. Conducted research with trade partners to define how they measure value.
2. Determined why client was losing share to a major competitor in high-growth market.
3. Performed extensive research to identify if competitor had structured a business system
to deliver value to trade partners.
4. Conducted internal interviews and focus groups to gain perspective of first and secondline
employees re: the extent to which client was delivering value to trade partners.


  • Identified organization and operating changes required to align client’s organization with values required by trade partners, including design of a new distribution system and a new sales compensation system.
  • Developed detailed financial models to identify potential profitability and returns.

Technology Assessment

Superregional bank’s card operations group

Objective: Client had developed EFT technologies and wanted to assess the potential use and value
in open markets.

1. Evaluated each of the technologies developed by the client

  • Identified and assessed new opportunities
  • Estimated size and growth of new markets
  • Evaluated requirements to enter markets

2. Assessed competition

  • Current and potential competition


  • Identified new markets and strategies for the client’s technologies

Re-align Product Line

Multinational financial institution

Objective: Develop strategy for repositioned global card product offering

1. Research current and potential market for commercial card products

  • Market size and potential
  • Competitors and growth pattern
  • Market influences, recent past and potential future

2. Identify strategic alternatives and select optimal

  • Present data collected
  • Facilitate discussion of alternative strategies
  • Select and define optimal strategy and tactical implications

3. Initiate implementation

  • Develop detailed implementation plan
  • Redefine organization to support implementation


  • Re-focused product offering implemented successfully over six month period and resulting increases in market share

Advanced Facilitators of Change Program

Senior-level multinational division managers responsible for or undertaking major cultural or
organizational change

Objective: Design and implement a program to train leaders to effectively manage and promote
positive, effective and rapid organizational change.

1. Design six day program to include

  • Experience of team and individual facilitation skills
  • Understanding of all key elements of facilitating change in organizations
  • Direct feedback regarding performance and results

2. Invite 15-20 senior level OD and line managers to participate


Program offered once per year and fully subscribed

  • Participants from all over the world including technology, consumer and financial industry corporations
  • Participants praise the program as enhancing skills both as managers and facilitators during organizational interventions

High Performance Teams

Multinational semiconductor corporation

Objective: Design and implement a program to significantly enhance performance/results without
taking first line manufacturing teams away from the worksite for more than one day.

1. Design in-tact team workshop to

  • Directly experience team performance breakthroughs
  • Understand the key elements of high performance teams
  • Incorporate key metrics and performance management

2. Implement one day workshop and follow-up

3. Incorporate workshop results into management reporting


  • Average 30% increase in productivity across all manufacturing
    • Achieved Intel vendor contract quarterly objectives

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