Managing From the Source

cover_4Massive influx of data! Complex lines of communication! Teams intertwined across organizations and time zones! Multiple levels of project stakeholders! Broad and expensive organizational requirements! The business world of today demands constant attention at all levels of an organization, from the frontline individual contributor to the senior level executive. The old management paradigm of the Warrior King–strategist, leader, inspirer, execution-expert, coach–even in its most benign practice, no longer is able to address the rapidly shifting needs of this fast-paced marketplace. A new concept–built on interdependence rather than independence–is demanded. A new concept that comes from the source of personal and team effectiveness.

Managing from the Source: Business Leadership in the 21st Centuryexamines the benefits of the Warrior King while considering the relevance of a new concept of management: the Agile Sage. This new concept shifts management away from the individual and builds on the natural cooperation that stems from alignment of purpose, outcomes, and function. In this book, John G. Mathers takes his earlier work on building high performance teams and focuses on how to manage in a rapidly changing marketplace. Managing from the Source is an easy-to-read guide to the future of management, which is already here in a number of organizations and companies.



What They’re Saying

Testimonial Hal Isen
  • Hal Isen
  • The Genesis Principle: A Journey into the Source of Creativity and Leadership

John’s latest book, Managing from the Source, is original, thought provoking and based on his successful work in the field with actual companies in real situations. It is written for readers who are not satisfied with the “status quo” and “business as usual,” readers who are looking for an original, effective approach that can be directly applied to real world situations, and allow a company to self-generate new unpredictable possibilities of success through aligned, co-creative teamwork.   Managing from the Source is also the perfect practical reference manual to have for those fortunate enough to be working with John directly in making the creative principles he advocates in his book come alive on a day by day basis in their company. 

Testimonial Chad Nehrt
  • Chad Nehrt
  • Professor International Business, Quinnipiac University

I find this work extremely relevant to what I do every day. It also gives me a model I can hold up to my students for how they can best succeed once they are out in the business world.

Testimonial Bernie Burns
  • Bernie Burns
  • Executive Director, ARC of Steuben

I really enjoyed the book.  It ties into a lot of what [John and I have] talked about, and I think John is right on with the “Agile Sage”.  In particular I really liked the wood worker company comparisons toward the end of the book.  The stories gave substance to the theory. [I] read it in an afternoon.  A very quick read, easy to follow, and unlike most business books, enjoyable with anecdotes and stories that supported the theory. I know both Warriors and Sages. While most of the book is focused on the for profit world, it is equally applicable to the not-for-profit.  The ‘Great Recession’ profoundly affected not-for-profits, reducing both charitable giving and government support.  Management and leadership skills of those in the upper levels have been greatly challenged.  It is my belief that an “Agile Sage” approach is necessary to yield the needed results.  

Testimonial Herbert Cano
  • Herbert Cano
  • CFO and VP Human Capital, GridSpeak Corporation

In his new book, John lets the reader understand that the modus operandi of the current business world may truly be outmoded, and that, with the complexity and rapidly changing environment facing future companies, their success will be less determined by charismatic Warrior Kings.  While certain charismatic leaders may indeed continue to get great results, the key for companies looking into the future is to ensure that these results continue, not based on the cult of personality, but on staff and environments that are nurtured to assure continued success.  

Testimonial Dyana King
  • Dyana King
  • Partner, Thinknicity, Inc.

Managing from the Source is a concise and no nonsense guide for anyone who is faced with navigating the rapidly changing and ever-complex environments in the business world.  Everyone knows that at the core of all successful business boils down to people and how effectively they function in achieving a business mission.  John Mathers focuses on the human element and embraces the shift from old style management, the Warrior King, (do what I say, you are my soldier who carries out my orders), to a much more effective and ultimately fulfilling mode he calls the Agile Sage.  The Agile Sage is skilled at inspiring teams and individuals to align their purpose with the business mission through cooperation that creates interdependence.  There are leaders and then there are those who Lead.  It’s a subtle yet highly significant distinction.  Managing from the Source is a clear guide that identifies the two styles of leadership and provides excellent insight and instruction on how to transform to the Agile Sage.  

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