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eVo Associates: Speeding the Natural Evolution of Your Business

Today’s business environment is perpetually uncertain: shifting markets, governmental inaction, capricious competitors, customer malaise, and an often disjointed image of business value.  And yet the upside potential is immense for any business with passion, clear vision and a responsive culture.

John G. Mathers – business advisor, management innovator, and author –  founded eVo Associates to provide middle market business leaders with a network of expertise to address the uncertainty in today’s business environment.  John and his associates partner with business leaders to address pressing issues while building an even more powerful management team, one capable of aligned vision, comprehensive assessment, quick action, and consistent communication of results.

John and eVo partners bring a special understanding – of leadership, innovation and speed – to every assignment.

Testimonial Herbert Cano
  • Herbert Cano
  • CFO, GridSpeak Corporation

John has the distinct and acute ability to observe individuals and companies and “see” things as they really are, methodically breaking them into smaller cause-and-effect pieces, where others can only look-on, clueless.  Over the years, John has honed his techniques, imparting his successful strategy and change management knowledge to numerous senior executives, at both small and major, international corporations.

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Managing From the Source

In 2013 John publishedcover_4 his latest book Managing from the Source: Business Leadership in the 21st Century, articulating that the business world of today demands constant attention at all levels of an organization, from the frontline individual contributor to the senior level executive. The old management paradigm of the Warrior King–strategist, leader, inspirer, execution-expert, coach–even in its most benign practice, no longer is able to address the rapidly shifting needs of this fast-paced marketplace. A new concept–built on interdependence rather than independence–is demanded. A new concept that comes from the source of personal and team effectiveness.